How To Upload a Case & Download Summary

Before You Start

Make sure you have the following:

  • Case name - will appear in the Case Details section of the summary and also in the DigitalOwl portal
  • Business Line ID - The ID of the Business Line you wish to upload the case too. See here for further details: How to retrieve the Business Line ID
  • Medical Documents - All the documents that need to be uploaded to be consolidated into one case.

Uploading a case requires three different requests to our API

Step 1 - Creating a Case

The case object is where you’d upload the medical documents and download the summary output

POST /cases

Body Fields

nameThe title you want on the caseString✔️
businessLineIdThe Business Line ID of the caseString✔️

Important - The response will include a caseId field that will be required for later use.

Step 2 - Uploading Documents

POST /documents

Request Body

The request body should include the binary data of the document.


Content-LengthDocument size in bytesNumber✔️
Content-TypeDocument Mime-TypeString✔️
x-case-idCase Id to upload the documents toString✔️
x-file-nameDocument file nameString✔️

Supported Mime-Type

  • application/pdf
  • image/jpeg
  • image/png
  • image/tiff

Step 3 - Start Processing the Case

POST /cases/{caseId}/process

After all the documents have been uploaded successfully, you will need to send an additional request to start the case processing.


caseIdCase Id of the case to processString✔️

Step 4 - Get Case Status

GET /cases/{caseId}

The result body will have a property named externalStatus, when the externalStatus value is completed, the summary is ready and you can proceed to the next step


caseIdCase IdString✔️

Step 5 - Download Case Summary

GET /cases/{caseId}/summary

This request will download the case summary.


caseIdCase IdString✔️