Before you can start working with DigitalOwl's API, you’ll need to provide valid authentication through an API key. Each organization has its own API key, which grants API access to all the resources of that organization.

In order to get your organization API key, please contact the DigitalOwl Team.



Your API key should be kept secret, if your API key got compromised, please contact the DigtialOwl team immediately.

Using The API Key

After acquiring your API key from the DigitalOwl team, you will need to pass the API key in the header of your requests.

Authorization: Bearer API_KEY

Core Concepts


A Case is one or more medical documents that belong to one client/patient.
Each Case is processed separately, after which the DigitalOwl system will generate a Summary.



Each Case can only have medical documents of one individual. Uploading medical documents of different patients to the same case will damage your results.


A document is a single file that holds medical information. You'll need to upload at least one document for each case you wish to process.

Business Line

The Business Line is a method to logically separate your cases, just like folders. You may use Business Lines to differentiate between departments, businesses, or clients in your organization. For example, Life, Disability, Workers Compensation, Health, etc. Each Business Line has defined parameters that will affect the processing phase and the summary output.

Your organization account has a built-in Business Line named default, which allows you to start uploading cases immediately. You can rename the business line title at any time.


The Summary is the system output of a Case. The summary is a single PDF file that will become available for download after the processing has succeeded.