Case Overview - Header
  • 27 Nov 2023
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Case Overview - Header

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Article Summary

The first page of the Case Overview include a few different sections and dashboards which combine to provide a high level understanding of the case.


The case details section (1) contains general information about the case such as the summary date, case name, number of analyzed pages and number of handwritten pages (i.e. ones that need to be reviewed by the user), name, gender and DOB.


The Key Impairement Icons (2) present the eight most severe key impairments found in the case - (more about this dashboard in Key Impairments Dashboards).


A case summary (3) opens the Case Overview. This summary provides a high level narrative of the case - prior to diving in for a full review.
This summary is generated by DigitalOwl's AI models using the latest generative models technology - which takes long, complex medical encounters and turns them into a succinct, easy-to-understand summary.

Key Health Indicators dashboard (4) contains information such as the height, weight, height, alcohol and tobacco use, blood pressure, BMI, cholesterol and more. Where relevant - a yearly average and median of the results and the different appearances including dates can be viewed by hovering over the specific health indicator (more about this dashboard in Key Health Indicators Dashboard).


The Impairments Timeline (5) shows the date of the first mention of each of the highest severity impairements in the case. Impairements are arranged chronologically in a timeline view (more about this dashboard in Key Impairments Dashboards).


The Chronological Overview (6) is a clickable list of the following items, sorted in chronological order from the most recent to the oldest, according to the date of first appearance:

  • Diseases and syndromes
  • Therapeutic procedures
  • Events - such as “accident”, “injury”
  • Notable extractions of symptoms that are an important part of the narrative

The first appearance date of each of the impairments on the list is presented in grey text. Hovering on the year will show any additional mentions in the years after.