What's New in v4.4

Launch date: August 1, 2023

Occupation & Lifestyle Section

There is a new Occupation & Lifestyle section within the Case Overview bookmark.

This section provides additional, non-medical information about the patient, such as their occupation and hobbies which are mentioned within the source documents. These mentions are presented in the same format as the source text.

Enhancements to Provider Reference

All of the doctors that appear within a document will be presented in this section, including signing providers, ordered/referral providers, and even referred providers

Medical providers will be grouped by "group types." For example, Physician, Nurse, Pharmacist, Therapist, Chiropractor, Dentist, Integrative Medicine Provider, Nutritionist, Podiatrist and Paramedic.

The provider mention table will have a "provider role" for each encounter, for example:
Performing provider
Signing provider
Updating provider
Referenced provider

To reduce redundancy, a generative summary will be shown only if the provider is the main provider for the segment. In other cases, only the title and institute will be shown. Click on the provider mention date or role to get to the exact location in the source document where they were mentioned

Addition of Timestamp to Document Abstract

The Document Abstract section now includes a timestamp (when provided in the source document) in addition to the date for encounters.

Fast Navigation - Chronological Order
A new bookmark named "Chronological Order" has been added to the "Fast Navigation" section with the following sub-bookmarks:

  • Documents in chronological order allows you to save/print all the source documents in chronological order.
  • Medical impairments in chronological order allows you to save/print all source documents related to a specific impairment in chronological order (e.g., all orthopedic documents).