What's New in v4.3

Launch date: May 29, 2023

Post Issue Audit (PIA) reports

We've added the ability to create Post Issue Audit (PIA) reports via the DigitalOwl portal. There is now the option to add a business line for PIA, specify a date range if needed, and create in-depth reports at your convenience. After generation, these reports can be easily downloaded, further enhancing the seamless and efficient experience we strive to provide for our clients.

Tailor the Summary Content by Specifying a Date Range

Utilizing the optional "Key Decision Date" button allows you to more effectively curate the content of your summary.
By setting this new time range configuration, your summary will become more concise and streamlined, eliminating unnecessary clutter.

Enhanced Navigation to medical Rundown Section (Optional)

In response to client feedback, we’ve upgraded the functionality of the Case Overview. Now, clicking on a medical item will direct you to its corresponding medical Rundown section, allowing for an in-depth understanding of the context surrounding that particular item.

For instance, clicking on "Chest Pain" will bring you to the comprehensive Cardiovascular rundown section, offering a complete view of the related impairment.

Enhanced ‘Go to Source Document’ Feature

Now, when you click on a specific mention, the PDF will navigate directly to that particular mention, instead of the general page.

This upgrade eliminates the need to scroll through the page to locate the medical mention, saving time and enhancing efficiency.