What's New in v3.7

Launch date: November 15, 2022

Improved Timeline

The improved timeline conveys the narrative of the case in a clearer and more detailed manner. In order to do this - the layout has been modified so that the timeline now presents even more relevant conditions and procedures.
All of the labels are hoverable and clickable - providing even more information at a glance and allowing quick access to the relevant source document.

Source Document Access

In the Case Overview, it is now possible to click on the Total Pages and Handwritten Pages counters, to jump directly to the relevant part of the source documents.

Provider's Specialty
When available, the provider's specialty appears next to his name.

Fast Navigation Improvement

Although most of the time the Case Overview contains all the necessary information, there are some cases in which access to source documents is required.
Whether you wish to collect evidence or read in detail, the fast navigation allows you to access the sources quickly.
When the fast navigation option is enabled, you can jump between all the evidence of a particular impairment, procedure, or medication.
Alternatively, you can access documents by type (encounter, lab result, etc) or if the summary was compiled from multiple source files, jump to the first page of each file.