Main Parts of the Digital Abstract

  1. User Guide
  2. Case Overview - high level overview of the case which includes a high level case summary, key health indicators, a chronological timeline and a chronological overview of the impairments in the case.
  3. Recent History and Findings - includes sections that contain all the recent medical history such as most recent encounters, recent symptoms and findings, medications, procedures and abnormal lab results.
  4. Impairment Rundown - full Impairment Rundown for all the relevant conditions found in the case. For each impairment, a 360° view is provided including comorbidities, associated symptoms, medications, labs, procedures and specialist visits.
  5. Document Abstract - The document abstract includes AI generated, human-like summaries for each of the documents included in the source documents.
  6. Supplemental Documents
    • Text to Text Transcription - includes a standardized text-to-text transcription for each of the encounters within the source documents, in chronological order.
    • Key Health Indicators - measurements of BMI, blood pressure, heart rate, etc.
    • Provider Reference - an alphabetic list of all the providers in the source document. Per each providier, summaries of each of the encounters is presented.
    • Conditions Reference - an alphabetic list of all the medical conditions in the record
    • Diagnostic Procedures Reference - an alphabetic list of all the diagnostic medical procedures in the record
    • Therapeutic Procedures Reference - an alphabetic list of all the therapeutic medical procedures in the record
    • Medications Reference - an alphabetic list of all the medications in the record
    • Family History Reference - a list of all the impairements mentioned as family history in the record
    • Lab Results - all of the lab results from the different documents in the case, aggregated by the measurement type
    • Index



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