Q4 - Labels

Q: What are the different labels that show up in the reference sections?

A: The following labels appear in the reference sections:

Planned Procedures
Planned procedures are usually listed under "Plan" "orders" within a provider's recommendations.
These procedures are scheduled for the future with a reasonable degree of certainty.

A purple label is presented in the Procedures Reference:

Within the source documents, the annotation on the right side of the page will include "(planned)":

Considered Procedures:
Considered procedures are flagged as such because there is uncertainty regarding whether the patient will undergo them. This uncertainty arises when the provider recommends multiple options, such as chemotherapy or surgery, but a definitive decision has not yet been made regarding which procedure to proceed with.

An orange label is presented in the Procedures Reference for considered procedures:

Within the source documents, the annotation will include "(considered)":

Suspected Conditions:
Suspected conditions refer to medical conditions for which a definitive diagnosis has not been made. For example, if a doctor orders a CT scan to rule out a particular condition, it indicates suspicion but not confirmation of that condition.

Another example of such conditions appears under a "differential diagnosis." If the patient presents with symptoms such as fatigue the provider might mention conditions like anemia, depression, and sleep disorders that could be potential causes but not certain. These conditions would be flagged as suspected.