Provider Reference

The Provider Reference provides a list of all the providers mentioned in the source documents. This includes signing providers, ordered/referral providers, and even referred providers.

The bookmarks for the section are grouped by "provider types." For example, Physician, Nurse, Pharmacist, Therapist, Chiropractor, Dentist, Integrative Medicine Provider, Nutritionist, Podiatrist and Paramedic.

Within each group, each provider is presented with their NPI details



Each provider could have more than one match. For example:

A provider may have multiple matches for the following reasons:

  • A provider has more than one specialty and each has a listed NPI number
  • There is more than one provider with that name

The provider mention table will show the "provider role" for each encounter, for example:

  • Performing provider
  • Signing provider
  • Updating provider
  • Referenced provider

Clicking the provider mention date or role will take you to the exact location in the source document where they were mentioned.