What's New in v4.6
  • 23 Nov 2023
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What's New in v4.6

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Article Summary

Launch date: November 27, 2023

​Case update history

When adding new files to an existing case, a new section will highlight all of the new information that has been added to the case between the different uploads. For every upload date, there will be a section presenting all source files uploaded on that date, a compilation of all document types, and a summary of all medical mentions for that specific upload date.

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Handwritten and Forms
Processing handwritten (HW) text and forms. As a default, a new section for HW and form extractions will be added - presenting the handwritten and form extractions within a distinct area of the Case Overview, denoted as "Additional Handwritten and Forms Findings". Only handwritten conditions, procedures, and medications that are new information and not already included in the regular extractions will be categorized under this new section.

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Claims summary
Release date: beginning of November
New format aimed to enhance the user experience for claims cases - bodily injury, workers compensation.
Key features include a new 'Initial History and Findings' section for efficient documentation, a structured 'Findings By Body Systems' table with visual representation,
a user-friendly Claims dashboard, and a modified generative summary focusing on post-incident medical data.

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