Impairments Rundown

Navigating to the Impairment Rundown

There are a few ways to navigate to this section:

  • Clicking on a condition in the Chronological Overview or Timeline in the Case Overview section.
  • Using the bookmarks to navigate to a the beginning of the section by clicking on the bookmark "Impairment Rundown"
  • Using the bookmarks to navigate to a specific impairment by expanding the list (clicking on the triangle to the left of the "Impairments Rundown" bookmark) and choosing an impairment from the list that is presented
  • Scrolling down to it from the Recent History and Findings section

Impairment Rundown Bookmarks

The Impairments Rundown bookmark lists all of the impairments found in the source documents by severity, in descending severity order:

  • H - High
  • M - Medium
  • L - Low

For additional information about severity levels, please see [Normalization and Data Enrichment].



For Life Underwriting cases, the last bookmark "Additional Disability/LTC Risks" includes impairments that are not considered severe in Life Underwriting, but could be significant for specific cases or for DI/LTC riders.

About the Impairment Rundown

Each Impairment Rundown is a full summary of that impairment. It includes all the relevant information required in order to analyze that specific impairment and is made up of four main sections:

  1. Timeline - specific timeline of all related impairments
  2. A table of the relevant findings - by category - with a summary of the most recent encounter mentioning each category of findings, with the finding highlighted in blue within the summary.
  3. Recent diagnostic and therapeutic reports - summaries for the last diagnostic and therapeutic reports identified in the source documents, for easy access.
  4. Additional details - all the details relevant for a full review of the impairment including:
    • Lab results
    • Family history
    • Medications
    • Associated conditions
    • Associated procedures
    • Associated specialist visits